Tying Up Those Loose Ends


“A rope walks into a bar and demands a drink. Bartender responds with, ‘We don’t serve ropes in these parts.’ Rope goes out, ties himself in a knot, comes back in and demands a drink. Bartender, agitated at this point screams, ‘Didn’t you listen?! We don’t serve ropes! Who do you think you are?!’ Rope answers, ‘I’m a frayed knot.'”

Gosh, I crack myself up. With yet another day of gloomy, Gotham weather in this fine, fine city. Sat around all morning following up with people. Pretty sure I could concoct some stellar playlists for the job seeking hours.


Seriously? That just happened! Totally insane/crazy. How to reward myself for this? Printing off the ticket to go and see a sneak peek of Toy Story 3 of course!

Today just got infinitely better. A much better post tomorrow for sure.

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