To Pig or Not


“Hanna, why on earth do you insist on wearing these? You said it was for game days, well it’s not a game day.” –Pistol Pete

I for one am tired of defending my hairstyle. When you have Mufasa hair/mane such as myself, straightening the hair is just a waste. And thankfully, I’m not alone in my defense. Enter: The Gloss and Jordan Reid’s “In Defense of Pigtails.”

Pigtails for me express the “Hanna-banana-from-Tarzana” kid and frankly, I’m just not going to give her up that easily. Enter pigtails.

You barely have to brush your hair and man oh man, do people notice you when you’re in a bar wearing them. Seeing as I manly hang with dudes here, I need to keep my playful, kid sister vibe up otherwise, people will think I’m actually dating one of the Kansas “men.” Instead, boys will see me as the jester and/or ringleader keeping all these boys in line while still having myself a gay ole time.

And you know what, it works. Even though sometimes the comments are a bit explicit, most are fantastic ways to strike up a conversation. Never once have I been disappointed with my pigs.

Note: I did the Indian braid thing once. Then I chopped four inches off. They will not make an appearance again I assure you Pistol Pete.


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