The Cup of Life


So it’s time for the post about the World Cup. But instead of talking about the attractive field of players this year like The Frisky and Vanity Fair did, I’m going to discuss something even more pressing: World Cup song. I think I fell in love with the World Cup thanks to the crooning vocal stylings of one Ricky Martin for the France World Cup in 1998.

“The cup of the life, it’s do or die…Push it along, then let it roll. Push it along, go, go, go!”

Martin teaches you the importance of the World Cup, how to play the game and how to move your hips, all in four minutes.

This year’s song: Wavin’ Flag by K’naan. Like all good guy friends, Chris makes sure I keep up on my music endeavors, well those outside of the guy-with-a-guitar music genre. He told me about this song a while ago and I automatically fell in love with it. Literally, just try to stand there, not moving, no swaying, no toe tapping and definitely no snapping (Kelly). It’s impossible.

You’re filled with a sense of freedom, empowerment and persistence. When I hear this, I picture a band of underdogs overcoming some type of government resistance. Maybe not necessary directly related to soccer, but in the end, it’s the same message:

Celebration. Jubilation.
And usually this is done shirtless by World Cup standards.

Side note: So glad David Bisbal came on board for this song. Fell in love with him while studying in Spain back in 2003. I think it’s the hair.

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