What’s the PMS color on that?


Fantastic news! After sporting an unknown hair color for the past year, I finally may have an answer: Blonette. While I’ve been told I’m a dirty blonde, or a dishwater blonde, I will now go with Blonette in the hopes it catches on.

After enjoying my youth as a real-live blonde, I decided that I needed highlights at the age of 13. Wore those things until college and after graduating with my two degrees, I also graduated to paying for my own hair appointments. Did it once then, just like Lisa, opted to go all natural with my hair. To my horror and shock, brown came pouring out of my scalp. Well, it’s not a real brown, but more of a blonette.

I am now embracing my new color.

In the Gloss article, they have a picture of Natalie Portman. A Philadelphia Flyers fan (after the ‘hawks took the Cup from them) told me I look like her (he assured me it was not her V for Vendetta days). Has to be the hair. Just like when my hair was blonde and short in high school, I was Sue Sylvester.


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