Quickie: Scored a Guest List Spot


Where: River East Arts Center
Who: Hipsters
When: Tonight
What: Umm a launch party for Buick Regal, with free drinks and apps from some of the city’s finest as well as a set list from Augustana
Why: Launch party!

I. love. Thrillist. Because of Thrillist, I’m looking like a baller as I roll into this party tonight with Zac (like that Mols?). So basically it’s a huge launch/roll-out/Mixer on Acid kind of party (but sans like real acid). The River East Arts Center is a space I’ve been dying to go into so I’m pretty pumped. Should be interesting folks to say the least (Buick Regal drivers perhaps?). But nonetheless PUMPED for Augustana. I think Todd introduced them to me, he’s been trying to pay me back ever since I got him hooked on Something Corporate….

Wait dear, a white horse is walking down my street here

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