So this thing called technology…


…lets me write a blog post, while sitting at a John Mayer concert at Red Rocks in my bed. Wha, wha, what?!

Yea, John Mayer’s Red Rocks concert is currently streaming, live. So as I sit here in my pajamas, with my ac blasting, I’m having a concert before going to bed. How insanely sweet. Like if Kelly would pick up her phone, we could both be watching this, while on the phone and playing the “What’s he playing next?” game without being bumped by sweaty bodies and having drunken loud people screaming in our ears (we’re 25 now, a little old for that…).

But seriously, I love technology. There’s this one skit from Louis C.K. that he did on Conan (back when it was the Late Show with Conan O’Brien) that just really sums up technology and people’s feelings to it. Maggie and I quote this randomly and I get a little kick whenever I can manage to squeeze it in everyday conversation. Seeing as we’re upon a traveling weekend, the airport segment is particularly moving and all so real. So please remember people.

PS, Holy moly. John Mayer is now playing Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. Since Comfortable is on my bucket list, do you think it’s like a half way check mark if he plays it? UPDATE: HE’S PLAYING IT RIGHT NOW.

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