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Seeing as I’m in the ad industry (to some respect), I’ve always enjoyed skimming Ad Freak and I Believe in Advertising every morning. It’s really fascinating to see what other countries can get away with as well as grab some creative ideas from the site for your own projects. Here are 2 I really, really loved this week:

1) Kontext Foreign Language School

To promote learning languages, they set up this billboard in a movie theatre. It said, in German, “Get a free cup of coffee at the concession stand.” Those who read German made their way to concessions. Once in the theatre and the movie began, with the translation of the sign outside and the message “You just missed a free coffee. It’s worth it to know foreign languages.”

2) All Blacks Rugby Team

When we were abroad, Amber and I stumbled into a pub upon getting off the bus in Galway. We then met a table of adorable lads who were there watching the rugby game. But not any rugby game, the All Blacks team from New Zealand. I still don’t understand rugby, but every time I think of rugby I think of this team. And this promo that they made for the upcoming season is crazy good.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the story about the foreign language school– what a great way to make a point!

    My stepson played rugby in high school and while I loved watching them play, I didn’t really understand it either.

    I’m glad I thought to look for your blog again. I had a subscription, but somehow it must have stopped on its own. (What?!) I thought you hadn’t written anything for a long time! Glad to see you’re still here. Also, now I know why I’ve been getting a few people stopping by Crochet Art Love. Thanks for adding it to your blogroll, but I had to get a new site so people wouldn’t think I only wrote about crochet! I’m now and I write about anything from Lady Gaga’s meat suit to a little quiz I wrote for the guys (and the women who want to love them) called “Are You Really God’s Gift to Women or Do You Just Think You Are?” Anyway, I’ve clicked the subscription button again, and hope to see more of your posts by email. Take care and thanks again!

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