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This happened my first year I moved to Chicago…

This summer will mark my 2-year anniversary. Will this also mark my 2-year anniversary?

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  1. Hey Hanna, Rock Chalk!! 17-0 is great and 3-0 in the conference is even better. Since I’ve been here!! White Sox World Series 2005, Bulls vs Celetics 7 game playoffs 2009
    Bulls vs Celtics Game 6 3OT AMAZING!!! 2009 …
    8 min – Apr 30, 2009
    Uploaded by JalenTV
    (best in recent memory), White Sox and Cubs make the playoffs in 2008. Last time 1908, Bears Super bowl 2006, Stanley Cup Champs 2010. Hopefully Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks, and White Sox Titles….hey it could happen

    • Rob, I can get behind all of your Chicago titles. Must say, I’m extremely happy not to see the Cubbies on there. Being from STL, should they ever make it to the Series, I’ll clearly be getting out of dodge. Those Bulls/Celtics games were intense. And I must say, I was extremely happy to jump on an NBA hometown team (finally!). Thanks for reading!

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