Ad of the Day: Bear of a Man


I tend to watch Man vs. Wild when I’m bored or need to see a manly man, man.

Now Bear Grylls has hooked up with Degree for Men in this commercial. As someone who doesn’t buy men’s deodorant (not for myself or a significant other or another male), I want to buy Degree for Men now.

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  1. Hmmm. I do think Bear Grylls is interesting, in an “I wish I also knew what to do if I was dropped onto the edge of a lava pit on the outskirts of nowhere” kind of sense but, as a vegetarian, I’m a bit put off by the meat ponchos. I suppose the idea was sparked by the Lady Gaga “meat as fashion” incident from a few months ago. I gave my take on that here:

    I give this spot an A for incorporating recent pop news history and eye catching action — but a vegetarian F for, well you know.

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