Riot in the Great Hall


Last week, I won tickets (thanks to CitySwarm!) to WineRiot–a wine tasting event at Union Station‘s Great Hall from Second Glass. Naturally, I turned to my partner-in-crime/fellow wino to accompany me to the shindig.

It. was. amazing. And we definitely were blown away. With a $50 price tag, it’s definitely something I would have done without winning tickets (just didn’t know it happened here!). There are three more shows this year (San Fran, NYC, LA) and if you’re in the area(s), I highly recommend grabbing a gal pal and heading over there. If not for the endless wine tasting, for the photobooth. Because really, who doesn’t love a good photobooth?

There also was a wine group there called Diving Rod. And they talked about water witches and having “the power” to find water sources. Naturally, we could not pass up an opportunity to see if we were witches. All you had to do was take the rods, chant “Show me the water source, show me the water source” and move towards the water bottle. If the rods crossed, you have the power and are a water witch. Guess how this ended for me:

See you soon Hogwarts


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