Flippin’ Out


A few months ago, Mom bought me a LivingSocial deal for Flip Crêpes and seeing as she was unavailable to attend, Durda and Amanda got the invites. Being someone who spends maybe 10 minutes in the kitchen every week, I was more than just a little intimidated. But I figured, how hard could this really be?

Making the batter was easy. Pouring the batter correctly on the pan was easy. But the flip? I stood no chance, though I kept trying. Eventually, I decided I’m more suited for decorating crêpes and eating them than making them. Flip Crêpes was a fantastic place with stellar Chef Ian rooting you on. The class began as a group, but then Chef Ian let you make and eat at your own pace. I don’t see myself making crêpes any time soon, but eating them? I’m there.

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