Starry Nights


The minute I get out of the city, all I can harp on are “Look there’s a star!”, “Oh, there’s a constellation!” and “I love/miss the stars!” Whenever I see a few stars when I am in Chicago, I simply marvel at the wonder. And when I’m in Colorado? My neck starts cramping from just sitting in a chair around the fire pit, sitting in silence.

When I came across Thierry Cohen‘s photography exhibition entitled Darkened Cities, I immediately started to have a new appreciation for city stargazing. Here, Thierry captured the cities without their usual glow and instead, played with the skyline shadowing against a starry night. And the result is quite moving.

My personal favorite is the San Francisco one. Time to go back I guess.

Shanghai 31° 14’ 39’’ N 2012-03-19 lst 14:42


New York City

New York City

San Francisco

San Francisco







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