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Quickie: Wow Look At You Now


An ex flame from college sent me an email with the subject: “Wow Look At You Now.” Despite not really enjoying this person anymore, I was intrigued so I opened the email.

He put in the lyrics of Travis’ “Watch in the Window.” I’m 90% sure this wasn’t ever a “song” of ours, so I was still intrigued.

He followed up saying this song is so beautiful and he heard it this morning on the way to work and immediately thought of me.

Weird. This song is about happy couples and the mark they can leave on the world together (i.e. children). And he and I are not a happy couple. Nor making babes, anytime ever.

At any rate, the song is amazing and it’s on repeat today. But I’m a bit creeped out by the fact HE sent. So I picture running through a flower field to Mr. Fifth Floor who rode the elevator with me this morning.

Quickie: Thank You CNN


CNN legitimately had a post about what to do when a body part fell off. And while I’m sure they didn’t mean for this, it’s completely and utterly insane. Thankfully, someone at The Gloss saw this and wrote a pseudo-rebuttal. I cannot read this without breaking into fits of laughter. I tried to read aloud to Maggie and failed.

A few excerpts I greatly enjoy:

You should go from zero to sixty, rocketing immediately into complete and utter terror.

keep the body part with you. Don’t give it to a spouse.

I really hope I never have a body part fall off.

Quickie: Arcade Fire


I’m sure you’ve all seen Arcade Fire’s amazingly sweet new music video. If not, it’s worth doing. I’m serious. I made ones for mom’s house, my college house, my office, the Werner house and then I couldn’t remember any other addresses. It’s super cool.

But this song is my current fav at the moment: Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains). Happy Friday/Weekend/Holiday!

Quickie: O’Irish it would finally happen


And it has!

When I first discussed writing a blog (back when I got laid off in April), I came up with this great idea of a theme surrounding wishes. Since I love Ireland (and all things Irish), after a night out with Molly and her sister, we decided O’Irish… would be the perfect name.

Finally, after four months, the site lives! Decided to do it on Tumblr, so it’s a bit easier to follow.

The premise: each day, I will write on something that I wish (to the tune of Oscar Mayer…O-Irish..). Some of it will be serious things (like World Peace and what not) and others will be serious wishes that need to come true (first post on firehouses). Feel free to offer up suggestions. With my random imagination, this should just be all kinds of fun.

Quickie: First day of Werk


Well, it’s finally happened: I’m off the unemployed ranks! After a full week of freelancing last week, I feel perfectly ready to tackle on the full-time realm once again. World, meet Hanna Soltys; Copywriter at Marketing Werks.

Seeing as this is my first job working downtown, I FINALLY get to experience the rush, hustle/bustle and agonizing headaches of commuting downtown. Though thankfully, the 134 bus runs right outside my door, to just outside Marketing Werks. This allows me to enjoy an express bus ride for no more than 20 minutes. That.Is.Stellar.

More to come on this new job as it evolves, but so very happy that my unemployment lasted just this summer. It’s like the first day of school all over again.