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Eleanor & Park


It’s true. I am seriously slacking on my book goal for the year. Judging from that “handy” tracker on GoodReads, I’m a solid 5 books behind schedule. Which is why I did a little happy dance upon finishing Eleanor & Park (by Rainbow Rowell) in just a few days.

My Art Director partner insisted I read this book. “Don’t read anything online about it or the jacket excerpt. Just open it and start reading.” After being in a clear reading rut, I was skeptical. But something took hold of me in this book and demanded I never put it down.

Without giving you too much insight, the book focuses on two unlikely candidates (I bet you can guess their names) and their interactions with one and other. Each “chapter” pinballs from Eleanor’s POV and Park’s (kinda like Gone Girl), so the minute you get attached to being inside one character’s mind, you have to wait to “see” what happens.

Aside from the flow of this book, the other I truly loved was the cover. Now I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But please, judge this book by its cover, because this is a cover done well. This is a cover beckoning you to explore what awaits within the pages.

In My Own Words


This is pretty spot on. And as everyone will tell you, my accessory is for sure a British Accent. Or singing Disney songs. via copyranter