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Taking the Throne


I appreciate great TV dramas. From Mad Men (back April 6!) and Downton Abbey to The Good Wife and Homeland, I cannot get enough. Which is why I found myself wondering what was next when I finished The Newsroom series (note, I love everything about that series). After perusing on HBO OnDemand, I figured it was time to see this Game of Thrones business.

I’ve been fighting the GOT lifestyle for a while. After seeing a few clips, I thought there’s absolutely no way I can get in to this show. I had no idea who was who, who was related to whom and what storyline each character carried until probably the seventh episode. But I’m hooked. I cannot stop. While I’ve never really been a fan of medieval period pieces, I cannot turn away. The storylines are deep and rich and frankly, completely unpredictable. While I have yet to find a character that truly “gets” me, I still constantly think about what’s going on in the Seven Kingdoms. Though I think that’s because I’m so drawn to Peter Dinklage‘s character:

After successfully powering through the first two seasons, I find myself eagerly awaiting season 3’s return. Thankfully, a trailer leaked today. Just have a month and a week to hang tight.

Gallagher Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Her


Okay, so this video has been circulating for the past few days, and was quite the hit in the office last week. I would like to take this time to analyze this piece as I think it gives great insight to Americans.

1) We will do anything for money. Or tv. Or fame. It’s sick and pathetic, but it’s true. We will even try to sling shot watermelons at the knights in shining armor we all are desperately seeking.

2) We’re optimistic. “I have a massive headache.” Sweetheart, that’s not the only problem you’re about to have. But props to you for focusing on a headache instead of the potential of internal (and external) bleeding.

3) We’re tough. Watch the clip again if you disagree.

4) We speak before we think. Otherwise, how else do you explain the “You have to keep going” line? I mean, homegirl just took a fruit that a comedian made a living smashing with a hammer STRAIGHT TO HER FACE. Keep going isn’t even an option.

But it’s true, they don’t call it the amazing race for anything, so keep trucking, even when a watermelon comes smashing across your face.