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Across the Pond, or rather, River


Heading to a show tonight with The Bowerbirds. But I must say, I’m pumped for their opener Dry the River–a group of five lads from London. I’m a sucker for accents, meaningful lyrics and a violin. Plus the drummer plays with his glasses on. Sold.

Concert Luncheon


Won tickets for the Studio X session with The Head and the Heart this afternoon. For such a picture perfect day, I didn’t think it could get any better. I was wrong. Not a bad way to spend the lunch hour.

Cannot wait for tomorrow’s show with all the gals!

Photo courtesy of Nate Azark

Belated : We Survived


Mum and I had a Mother/Daughter trip to KC a few weeks ago for the Mumford & Sons show. We had no idea what we were walking in to, but I must say, Mom put up quite the fight and survived 5+ hours in this after driving across the state of Missouri:

Mom wins Mother of the Year for this one

Quickie: That Was Some Wind


The Chiclone was a huge disappointment, though I will say, I woke up freaking out that the window was going to bust in and a tsunami was going to form over the Lake.

But that’s not the kind of wind I’m talking about.

I’m talking about Winter Winds. By the one and only Mumford & Sons. I know I’ve written how much I love them, but last night, they FINALLY played this song in Chicago. This is the song I first heard from them and what made me totally fall for their music. It was their third show here since May (third time’s the charm!) and I went yet again in tow with an old musical buff named Dan who introduced me to the world of Ray LaMontagne and Joe Purdy. We literally had the time of our lives. And here’s some Winds for you all to enjoy. We went in costume, so once Dan sends me the photos, I’ll be sure to show you Dottie Hinson and a Boy Scout partying with the Sons.