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The Power of a Word


By nature, I love learning. Truth be told, I still flip through my AP book . And have put a LOT of editing books on reserve at the library. Naturally, I’m a bit jealous of Maggie’s re-entry into the schooling world. She’s getting her Master’s at DePaul and a little part of me turns green when she heads out the door to the library.

Thankfully, Maggie’s a giving person and shares tidbits from the schooling world. Seeing as she’s going for Counseling, most of the things she shares are a bit over my head. At dinner on Friday with Maggie’s parents, she shared with us the idea of ridding your life of buts.

When you say, ‘I love you, but sometimes you annoy me,’ all anyone hears is that you think they’re annoying. So instead you say ‘I love you, and sometimes you annoy me,’ to make sure the listener hears both messages.

So that’s my challenge for the week, phasing out the buts of life and adding the good ‘ole ampersand. It’s true though, when using “and” instead of “but,” you just put a positive spin and as most know, I’m all about the optimism.