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The Parting Glass of Whiskey


Ever since working abroad in Ireland six years ago (REALLY?!), I’ve had a major, major love affair with any and all things Irish. Though I never realized this love affair had started much earlier after seeing Waking Ned Devine with a friend and her Mom. I’m not sure what prompted us to see this film, but we did. And I loved it and more importantly, the soundtrack. In particular, the song “The Parting Glass” was something I found myself continually listening to, and still do today (Meryl Streep’s singing at amFAR is sublime).

While I find myself clicking on any and all advertisements and creative work that has any Ireland connection, this ad for Tullamore Dew Whiskey made my morning. Using that song I oh so love, the scenery that’s simply divine, a rainy day and some lads.

Via AdFreak
From: Opperman Weiss and RSA Films



I for one, cannot remember the last time I have devoted the whole day to listening to a movie soundtrack. Granted, every St. Patrick’s Day, I find myself rocking Waking Ned Devine soundtrack, but that’s out of respect for the holiday.

The minute I saw this trailer for Brave, I knew, I would be counting down the days until its soundtrack released. The last song playing on this trailer just sends chills down my spine.

On the soundtrack, there are some lads from England: Mumford & Sons. Their song Learn Me Right, along with Birdy, is utterly fantastic and is sure to get you jazzed for their impending second album. You can listen to the full song over at their blog. Clearly I just cannot get enough of the celtic influence.

Book It


Came across this today in my daily blog reading. It’s basically the only type of bar I would ever feel comfortable in (aside from Irish pubs).

Los Angeles has quite a number of these popping up, so I’m hoping the trend sweeps its way East. Paging Chicago, it’s time to begin your chapter. I propose bookending this by Fadó. Okay, closing the book on lame book jokes.

As usual, Liz Lemon captures my emotions and feelings and thoughts on the Bar and Books bar.

What is it about the Classics??


I have yet again, started a book and walked away from it. And the worst part is, it’s a classic. Deemed so reader-worthy by The Modern Library as one of the top 100 novels of our time. And I just couldn’t do it.

The first book I put down and returned to the library shamelessly: Ulysses. I thought, Irish author, Irish part of town, I’m definitely going to enjoy this. I don’t remember how far I got, but it wasn’t far at all. Like not even a small dent.

And alas, it has happened again. This time: The Three Musketeers. Now before you start judging and telling me what type of literary amazingness I simply do not understand, know this: I rarely in my life have ever walked away from a book. Even if I don’t like it, I keep reading it. Solely as a respect to the author and countless team members who worked to put this piece of work out there.

On my quest of library card greatness, I decided to start reading some classics to help balance my current intake of nonfiction stories, chick lit and mysteries. Maybe I’m just not cut out for the Classics after all, but I would hate to think this as I like to think I’m well-versed among the literary world.

Clearly I’m not. I think my problem with the Musketeers was simple: the French names. I couldn’t keep them straight. Now in Suite Francaise, I had no problem. I remembered everything solely because the topic at hand (WWII and hiding) was of interest to me. Reading 90+ pages and being unsure of what just happened doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not impatient, just someone who likes to be in the loop.

Should anyone have a Classic they deem worthy of my attention span, please do let me know. While I’ve read most in Western Civ 2 (a personal favorite was The Canterbury Tales, or shall I say “favourite?”), I fear I have read next to nothing on The Modern Library’s list. And at this point, I’m wondering what these librarians were on when they created this…

But rest assured, the evening is not spoiled. Do yourself a favor and grab David Gray’s latest album, Foundling. Sounds a lot like Life in Slow Motion. Can we also point out this guy is a song-writin’, album-makin’ genius/god?