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Almost time for some Pete, Don and Roger


I can still remember the first summer Mad Men came out. I didn’t know if I could like a show from AMC (they showed old timer movies), but figured since it was about the ad world, I would probably like it.

I loved it. Became addicted from the get go. Got my dad addicted, then my mom (she waits until they come out on DVD for Netflix since she doesn’t have cable…dedication). The characters of the show are so intriguing and the actors really dive into those characters and deliver. I feel like every episode I have a new favorite character to watch.

My two staples are Pete and Joan. Joan, for obvious reasons (one being when I wear a high-waisted skirt like her, I tend to look like her): from knocking some sense into her hubby with the vase to the accordion skills to the way she talks to Peggy on her first day, I just cannot get enough of Red. Pete, despite being pretty sleazy from the first season, I think has grown the most as any character on the show (aside from Betty). He’s got some fantastic one-liners and I always enjoy his facial expressions when Don or Roger put him in his place. Plus his dancing with Trudy last season was just too fantastic.

AMC now has a job interview quiz to tell you where you would fit into the new agency of Sterling Cooper Pryce Draper. And mine? Copywriter. Let’s hope Marketing Werks feels the same way.

Here’s a nice little bit from one Jessica Liss. The cast:


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