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Funny Bones Are the Way to the Heart


Yesterday, The Frisky continued their Nerd Girl Porn series with Funny Men. Basically, funny men who are hot. I must say, I agreed with nearly half of their picks. There is something about someone who can cut a joke (especially if it’s at their expense). I feel like girls always say, “I want someone with a sense of humor.” But it takes a real gal to truly appreciate the gift of side-splitting. And this gal does.

There’s a lot to be said for making people laugh. Did you know that that’s all some people have? It isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing in this cockeyed caravan. ~Sullivan’s Travels

Where in the world was Seth Meyers though?! He’s definitely my #1…Oh and Ben Stiller too…

Here are the ones I whole-heartedly agree with. Thanks The Frisky!

Vince definitely made his mark during "The Break-Up"

He even makes a great looking unibomber.

I'm a sucker for laughs and noses.

See above.

Not liking him would be like not liking Macs. Impossible.

He was adorable even as an alien child.

I never knew gray hair could look so good.

He really stepped up in "Away We Go"

An ad man. A funny man. A Missouri boy. Sign me up.

New on the radar. Just really enjoying his face.

See Wilson brothers above.

He's crazy delicious.

Texting with a Tween


I’m usually in bed by the time Jimmy Kimmel’s show comes on, so I have to see what I missed on blogs (remember the Handsome Men’s Club? LOVED that one…).

So last night, Justin Long was on (promoting his new movie Going the Distance, which I’m obviously going to need to see) and he started telling Jimmy about this random girl who texted him on accident. What happens next is months in the making and too hilarious for words. Watch all of the videos here (there are 3 total).

And relieve the Handsome Men’s Club… Good job Moms!