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Procrastinated a Little On This


Saw this video short a few days ago, and naturally wanted to share with the world! But true to the video’s theme, I procrastinated and did everything but write this post. The day has finally come to share with all of you.

This film came from a few Royal College of Art students back in 2007. Here’s five reasons why I can’t stop watching this:

1) The voiceover. I have a huge love/crush/weakness for accents (sans Southern drawl, will never grow on me). Sometimes I wish the Revolutionary War never happened and we were hammering around with accents telling people they looked “Gooooorgeous” instead of “Great” and that your idea was “brilliant” instead of “good.”

2) The color ordering of the bookshelf in the first minute. Seriously. I stop and rewatch that multiple times. It’s amazing. I love stop-motion filming.

3) Tea making. I laughed aloud on this one (carried throughout the whole film). I still find myself making tea just so I can make it and not write something. Like it’s happening right now. Excuse me. I need to make a cuppa tea.

4) It’s being unable to stop watching television. I have determined it’s physically impossible to change the channel when Titanic, The Notebook, any television marathonĀ and any trashy Lifetime movie detailing a recent newsworthy event. Seriously, just try. You just can’t.

5) Procrastination is writing lists. So damn true.