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On Loop


Last week’s iTunes free single was a little jam called “Bleeding Out” from The Lone Bellow. I immediately became a fan. And listened to that song a good 50 times before I just decided to buy the album.

Every song is loop-worthy, but I’ve found my current repeat: “You’ll Never Need Nobody.” Shockingly, this one does have an accordion (I just cannot get enough of those) and I find the rhythm of the song to just be the perfect winter companion. And those lyrics? Game over.

Across the Pond, or rather, River


Heading to a show tonight with The Bowerbirds. But I must say, I’m pumped for their opener Dry the River–a group of five lads from London. I’m a sucker for accents, meaningful lyrics and a violin. Plus the drummer plays with his glasses on. Sold.

Making Something of Nothing


Thanks to a new friend made at the Wisconsin/NIU game at Soldier Field a few weeks ago, I came across this fantastic video. This trio sits around and go through the decades of music where they “sing” non-lyrics. It’s pretty fantastic and a few are sure to stick in your mind.