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What’s truly scary on Halloween Night


I’ve always loved Halloween, despite the fact I recycled the same clown costume for what seemed like a decade. It was always one of my favorite days seeing as you get to become a completely different person. And I’m pretty sure me and Mal tricked and treated well into high school. It was after all, the night Mal’s dad Tom would create his delicious ribs to fill our tummies before we ventured out and made our way across three neighborhoods.

But things have changed.

According an e-blast from the New Business Team at Marketing Werks, adults will spend over $70 on a costume. No wonder Mom always wanted to recycle our gear. And adult spending (what we now are folks) on Halloween has made this the biggest non-gift giving holiday in the country.

Since we have yet to commence our work fright fest, I can’t give up my costume, but I can definitely say I can see how the cost can button up to the tune of $70+. With accessories and make up, not to mention tickets for parties, it’s tough to be a guy or ghoul in a big city.


You'll have a lot of workin' in the lab, late one night nights to pay for your Halloween festivities



Quickie: First day of Werk


Well, it’s finally happened: I’m off the unemployed ranks! After a full week of freelancing last week, I feel perfectly ready to tackle on the full-time realm once again. World, meet Hanna Soltys; Copywriter at Marketing Werks.

Seeing as this is my first job working downtown, I FINALLY get to experience the rush, hustle/bustle and agonizing headaches of commuting downtown. Though thankfully, the 134 bus runs right outside my door, to just outside Marketing Werks. This allows me to enjoy an express bus ride for no more than 20 minutes. That.Is.Stellar.

More to come on this new job as it evolves, but so very happy that my unemployment lasted just this summer. It’s like the first day of school all over again.

Holy Smokes


I have written in a while and naturally, I have 85,000 things I want to write about. The Half-Marathon (congrats to Mags, Annie, Jack and Ben!!!), Art on Track, freelancing gig at Valspar paints, GETTING THE MARKETING WERKS JOB, boys and how if they hurt Kelly again I’m going to kill them and of course, how much I owe Terry Bryant…etc, etc, etc. But instead of all of that, I’m going to leave you with the thing that made me so determined over the past 4 months to not only find employment, but find meaningful work. Something where I wouldn’t want to bang my head against the wall every minute of every day. And guess what? I’m pretty sure I just found it. Gig starts on Monday! Hello world I’m back!

Back when I was still in Arizona searching for meaning in my life, I came across this: 9 Principles of Change from Ariane de Bonvoisin. Literally when I look at these, I think to myself, I did that, it did work! Enjoy my fellow readers who continually search for ways to turn their lives upside down. And I can’t wait to see what my next life change is!

People who successfully navigate change…

1.) …have positive beliefs.
2.) …know that change always brings something positive into their lives.
3.) …know they are resilient, strong and capable of getting through anything.
4.) …know that every challenging emotion that they feel is not going to stop them and will guide them to positive emotions that will help them feel better.
5.) …know that the quicker they accept the change, the less pain and hardship they will feel.
6.) …use empowering questions and words, think better thoughts and express their feelings.
7.) …know they are connected to something bigger than themselves.
8.) …know they are not alone; they surround themselves with people who can help, who have the right belief and skills. And they create an environment that supports their change.
9.) …change take action. They have a plan and they know how to take care of themselves.

Almost time for some Pete, Don and Roger


I can still remember the first summer Mad Men came out. I didn’t know if I could like a show from AMC (they showed old timer movies), but figured since it was about the ad world, I would probably like it.

I loved it. Became addicted from the get go. Got my dad addicted, then my mom (she waits until they come out on DVD for Netflix since she doesn’t have cable…dedication). The characters of the show are so intriguing and the actors really dive into those characters and deliver. I feel like every episode I have a new favorite character to watch.

My two staples are Pete and Joan. Joan, for obvious reasons (one being when I wear a high-waisted skirt like her, I tend to look like her): from knocking some sense into her hubby with the vase to the accordion skills to the way she talks to Peggy on her first day, I just cannot get enough of Red. Pete, despite being pretty sleazy from the first season, I think has grown the most as any character on the show (aside from Betty). He’s got some fantastic one-liners and I always enjoy his facial expressions when Don or Roger put him in his place. Plus his dancing with Trudy last season was just too fantastic.

AMC now has a job interview quiz to tell you where you would fit into the new agency of Sterling Cooper Pryce Draper. And mine? Copywriter. Let’s hope Marketing Werks feels the same way.

Here’s a nice little bit from one Jessica Liss. The cast:


Per usual, click here to be directed to the vid.