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Advertising that Kidnaps


I noticed this a bit ago on the train and must confess, I was deeply intrigued to go to the website. These ads say things like “He was last seen reading ads on the train” and look as if some weirdo sat over the poster and cut out all these letters from magazines. I’ve seen the sign numerous times and it continually peaks my interest, yet I’ve never made the final leap to find out its true meaning.

Thankfully, AdFreak got to the bottom of it. Apparently, it’s promoting weekend getaways from Chicago–>STL. They had a contest to see who could find the kidnapped man via Twitter, FourSquare and a microsite.

When I found this out, my heart sank a little. Was kind of hoping for something a bit more adventurous, and less creepy. I’m a huge fan of getaways to STL, but on my own terms.

Why couldn't I have been on the train this day?