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Friday Links


Today, I had one of those moments that just make you appreciate the internet. Make you appreciate the blogs you follow. And make you appreciate the simplicity of technology. Here are two of the reasons:

1) CLOUD–an art installation made from 6,000+ bulbs where you pull on a chain to light (and darken) the cloud. Via This isĀ ColossalĀ 

2) World Alzheimer’s Day–To better connect with those who don’t live with the disease, they developed this Facebook app to put you physically in the shoes of sufferers. Very powerful, moving and of course, I did it. Via AdFreak

Rock the Boat


Twenty years ago, Mom moved us from St. Charles to Oakville. And now, Mom’s jumped ship and headed back out to St. Charles.

Despite the teary moments I had packing up the childhood home, it’s clear to see her complete and utter glee for her new ‘hood.

Another Year


It’s that time of year again, when the seasons change and moving trucks start hunting for places to park: Moving Day. Thankfully, Maggie and I have signed on for another year and we’ll embark on our…fourth year of living together. It’s crazy to think it’s already been three years and yet, it seems even harder to believe it hasn’t been longer.

We love our current condo (and not really into apartment hunting), so staying was a no brainer. The amenities are fantastic, the location cannot be beat and we get a ton for what we pay. Plus, Maggie’s just spruced up that place to no end and I can’t imagine packing it all up and having to recreate her masterpiece of decorating somewhere else.

As I think of the amenities we have (doorman, pool, gym, BBQ grills, laundry), I cannot help but wish we could add a library to the mix. In NYC, libraries are quickly becoming a perk in many residential buildings, just for the sense of peace, tranquility and calmness it exudes.

The building with a library will have to wait another year, at least, though it’s something I’m for sure adding to my list when I have to do the hunt. Maggie and I decided we would marry off before we stopped being roommates, which means the day that we go out to find our own spaces, this will be us. End of an era indeed.

We’re shippin’ out to….Sheridan


Mags and I finally made the move. We love the area we lived in before, so knew we wanted to stay in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park ‘hood. After searching all around town, we decided on the Commonwealth building–just one block east of where we currently were living.

Bright and early we made our way to the U-Haul, made the pact that Maggie would do the driving (never driven anything bigger than a Jetta) and began to load the truck. With the help of Gretchen, Brian and Patrick (all in different shifts), we made a size-able dent in the move. Truck loaded and we’re heading out the door…Maggie, Brian and me.

It is after locking the door, we realize we have the U-Haul keys, the new place keys and no old place keys. Panic sets in. During this time we attempt the landlord and in his true fashion, we cannot get a hold of him. Enter Emergency Locksmith Hotline. Enter new problem: Maggie awaiting for the locksmith. Which means I, Hanna E. Soltys, strap myself in to the U-Haul and drive maybe two blocks total. I have no recollection of manning the machine, just remember I literally could not see anything. And was extremely grateful we received a beat up truck so any type of damage would hopefully go unnoticed.

Brian and I do the whole unloading of the truck and Maggie finally gets into the old apartment. We load up the final load of the truck (that’s right, two loads and we were done. Medal us please: Gold for Brian, Silver for Maggie and I) and Maggie sweet talks U-Haul for an additional hour with the truck, seeing as we spent 40 minutes trying to figure out how to close the back door.

Alas, 3:04 rolls around and we are done. Everything is piled into the living room, like a scary, yet charming, episode of Hoarders. The thought of unpacking sounds extremely unappetizing. So Maggie and I do what we normally do in situations like this: eat pizza. After gathering mustering whatever strength we have left, we begin the dreaded unpacking.

An hour later, we’re burned out and decided to meet Maggie’s parents for a late dinner and drinks. It’s over wine that Maggie and I make our new pact:


The next time we move we will a) be moving into homes with our husbands and b) sipping cocktails by the pool while professionals handle the matter. Glad to say I’ve moved myself in this fair city, but there’s no need for a repeat. That would just be showing off.