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Papes for Sale


In New York today, which of course, makes me think of one thing: The Newsies. Sadly, the play isn’t open just quite yet, but I couldn’t help and think of the newsboys when I saw this info graph on states and the news sites they turn to (seeing as most of these stemmed from newspapers…oh the dying art form).

For the most part, I’m not all that shocked, except for The USA TODAYThat reach they’ve got going on is extraordinary. And The Onion? That’s a bit unnerving…Via Flowing Data

Starting off on the right foot


Seeing this is the first post of a sick amount, I figured I would lead it off with something I do every morning: Remind myself of how awesome I am. Conceited? Hell no. What better way than to roll out of bed each morn and regardless of the weather outside the window, or the temperature of the room, you simply shout: “I’m fantastic! I’m a hoot! I’m going to be like the Newsies and ‘Seize the Day!‘”

Found this gem via Molly’s blog. This gal knows what’s up.