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My First Boyfriend


Growing up, I can remember three distinct crushes:
1) Jeff (Kindergarten–Fall of Second Grade)
2) Dan (Fall of Second Grade–An embarrassing grade level)
3) Harry (Seventh Grade–Present)

While things with Jeff and Dan never panned out, Harry didn’t disappoint. I can still remember the time when my mom introduced Harry and I to one and other.

“I heard about this Harry on NPR. I think you should give him a try, I think you’ll really connect.”

So I did it. I made the eyes-closed, heart-stopping, stomach-churning dive into love with one Harry Potter. Harry saw me through my awkward teen years and just when an ending was in sight (only 7 books in the series?!) he decided to come to me in person (on the big screen). Then, I got to meet him first hand at the Museum of Science & Industry last year. As Lisa can attest, I was a mess. A complete and utter mess. A 23-year-old who waited a decade for this kind of magic finally got to throw a quaffle, walk through a mock great hall and wave a wand. Now, Harry just opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. Have yet to go, but I know he simply won’t disappoint me and I can almost taste the Butter Beer.

Today, the latest trailer for the final Harry Potter film came out and I nearly broke down into tears. It’s all coming to yet another end. And like all good relationships, I found myself reminiscing on the great times Harry and I had.

1) Graduation parties. High school ended and I brought Harry (and the Half-Blooded Prince) to four graduation parties. I vividly recall reading in Mallory’s silver Alero and sneaking out of the party one (or a few [or a dozen]) time(s) to spend a few more minutes with Harry.

2) Hanna, in the library, with Harry. After every book launch date, you could find me curled in the maroon chair in the green library of Mom’s with Harry and sipping on Raspberry Tea. I refused to leave, often eating cheese slices and Mint Milanos right off the Table of Wisdom.

3) Midnight movies. Robbie and I went to the first three movies together. The fourth, with my college roommate. The sixth, with an old pal in Chicago. I have only missed one midnight showing of Harry (#5) and that’s because I was abroad. I promptly saw it the next day in a room full of undevoted muggles.

4) Book release party. I never went to the book release parties for Harry’s 1-6 years. I just wanted to reserve it, pick it up and head home to read it. Just him and I. When book 7 came out, I was in Dublin. I made good on my commitment and reserved it at Eason’s downtown. All the other students were gearing up for a weekend in London, which meant I wouldn’t be able to pick up my book for THREE WHOLE DAYS after the release. Unacceptable. I stayed back. Stood in the Dublin rain for 4 hours with people who weren’t even alive when Harry first surfaced. I remember the excitement of running in. The dilemma: Children’s version or Adult version? We didn’t have this problem in the States, but alas, here I was. To the left: Adult. The Right: Children’s. People yelling at me to move along. Stop holding the que. I made my affirmation of “Adult.” Harry and I were ending our childhood journey and beginning an adult one.

With only two more movies and the amusement park hanging over my head, I’m nervous to see our journey really truly end. Each other time we simply took a break; now it’s really going to happen. It’s safe to say whoever comes around next is going to have one hell of a cloak to fill.

Still Gotta Friend In Me


Totally blaming this on the recent weather pattern of the Windy City…

So after the hoopla of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup died down (a bit) and after the German smack down on Australia during the World Cup game, I found myself in a bit of a funk. Not like a full-blown “I hate my life!” funk, but more like “Sheesh Soltys, you’re about to embark on your 25th year and what do you have to show?” kind of funk. So naturally, I call Mum, who has just checked out of all communications after losing her cell phone last week. Then I call Kelly, who’s quickly boarding a plane from Vegas to STL after a weekend with 8 of our best friends from high school. So then I call Aubrey, my fellow squirrel head/Mufasa friend since the 7th grade.

Despite not talking to Aubs in nearly 2 months, we didn’t miss a beat. We briefly caught each other up and she filled up this buttercup with some good vibes. Then enter Mal. We’ve been a duo for nearly 17 years now. While we’ve had the ups and downs, like all good/great/best friends do, we always manage to find our way back to one and other. So needless to say, after a discussion with her(r), I felt so at ease and ready to take over the world.

But instead of taking over the world, I took over the living room and turned on the TV to find……..Toy Story 2. I’m sorry fates, could you have made it any more clear to me?

Buzz Lightyear: You still worried?
Woody: About Andy? Nah, it will be fun while it lasts.
Buzz Lightyear: I’m proud of you cowboy.
Woody: Besides, when it all ends ill have old Buzz Lightyear to keep me company. For infinity and beyond.

Literally, thank you Disney Pixar for yet again reassuring me that as you scroll through the contacts on a phone to call, you’re bound to find one (or two) who are ready to sit, listen and show that you’ve still got a friend, even though they’re old and dusty and used.

And after watching Toy Story 2, I am in complete disarray for this weekend to start so Mags and I can go and see Toy Story 3.