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Let the Celebrations Begin!


Seeing as I enjoy sunshine, I’ve always thought I enjoyed the month of July. It’s hot, there’s baseball going on, BBQs smoking and of course, my blessed day of birth. But after this article on The Gloss, I’m thinking I was made for the month of November.

November is……

……National Novel Writing Month–Maybe I’ll take part in a few years, and then this will be more relevant to me.

……Movember–An ode to some great ‘stache wearers where “men” shave off their facial hair and raise money for men’s health awareness. Totally support it, but sadly, cannot participate seeing as I can’t grow a ‘stache (whew). Thankfully, TOMS has made it possible for lasses to participate this year.

…..National Peanut Butter Lovers Month–Oh hey, I’ve been a peanut butter lover since creation. And I know I have already expressed my passion for this staple. I mean, at work, they offer us staples in the kitchen. Crunchy and Smooth both make the list. Just sayin’…

…..Sweet Potatoes Awareness Month— I’m not sure why the Awareness is needed, but these suckers are tasty! The day Maggie showed me the power of microwaving a sweet potato and eating it was life changing. And sweet potato fries?! Be still my heart. I’d dip you in peanut butter, but I’m not big on mixing and matching.

…..National Pomegranate Month–I still recall the moment Mal pulled one of these foreign alien objects from her lunch box. I thought what in the hell is that. And then I saw her picking at it and I thought, why in the hell would anyone eat seed by seed? Then I tried it. And it was amazing. And I never looked back. POM juice is sick though. Opt for the real deal.

…..National Sleep Comfort Month–I didn’t need another reason to hit the snooze or go to bed at 10 o’clock, but I do!

Awww nuts!


It’s no secret that if it weren’t for Skippy, Peter Pan and Jif; I would have never survived college. I probably wouldn’t have survived adolescence either as once Mom graduated our lunches from the cheese sandwiches, it was peanut butter sandwiches.

Peanut butter has always been there for me. On a cracker. On bread. On toast (what a glorious day that was when I made my first slice). On apples. Even on a spoon. Peanut Butter Crackers saved my life in Madrid when I lived with a host family and had to eat things I couldn’t make out visually. And no, I’ve never done the jelly. It just seems wrong to top the wonderfulness of peanut butter with that kind of bizarre and jiggly texture.

Naturally, when I read this article, I became a little angry. Alright, a lot angry. A whole lot of angry. Just like the writer of this article, I get that peanut allergies are a very severe thing for kids suffering them. However, just because a kid is allergic to it doesn’t mean that poor peanut butter has to be outlawed in the cafeteria.

Kids are allergic to just about anything these days. And if we start banning things for one child, another child’s mom is going to want to ban things for her child.

Let’s focus on getting rid of all the crap in school cafeterias before we start ganging up on Peter.