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Awww nuts!


It’s no secret that if it weren’t for Skippy, Peter Pan and Jif; I would have never survived college. I probably wouldn’t have survived adolescence either as once Mom graduated our lunches from the cheese sandwiches, it was peanut butter sandwiches.

Peanut butter has always been there for me. On a cracker. On bread. On toast (what a glorious day that was when I made my first slice). On apples. Even on a spoon. Peanut Butter Crackers saved my life in Madrid when I lived with a host family and had to eat things I couldn’t make out visually. And no, I’ve never done the jelly. It just seems wrong to top the wonderfulness of peanut butter with that kind of bizarre and jiggly texture.

Naturally, when I read this article, I became a little angry. Alright, a lot angry. A whole lot of angry. Just like the writer of this article, I get that peanut allergies are a very severe thing for kids suffering them. However, just because a kid is allergic to it doesn’t mean that poor peanut butter has to be outlawed in the cafeteria.

Kids are allergic to just about anything these days. And if we start banning things for one child, another child’s mom is going to want to ban things for her child.

Let’s focus on getting rid of all the crap in school cafeterias before we start ganging up on Peter.

Review: Toy Story 3


So last night I was extremely fortunate in snagging tickets for Toy Story 3. The roommate was working, so I went through every single person I know in Chicago for a date. No luck. But alas, I could not simply sit at home and miss this, so I went alone. Despite the weather, I toughed it up and went on down.

The place was hopping with kids of all ethnic backgrounds and classes. It made me happy, seeing other families coming out, donating toys to Toys for Tots and being able to see this film in 3D for free especially with today’s movie prices. Upon entering the theatre, we had to surrender our phones, bags and all belongings, then get wanded down. I expected to board a 757 after that, instead, I sat down in the caution tape of  “Press Row.” I always get excited in Press Row trying to figure out who’s going to sit by me. Seeing as I’ve been fortunate to attend a few sneak previews in the area, I saw some familiar faces, but none more familiar than Mr. Roger Ebert. As a reviewer, he is an idol, a standard to reach.

Kids sat all throughout the theatre (Press Row was a few seats mingled in with the “commoners”), it was very reminiscent of the theatre scene of Peter Pan in Finding Neverland. Griffin in a tie-dye shirt was the lad in my area. A brief Toy Story trivia was held giving kids free E-books and then the film started.

Seeing this movie in 3D was unreal. I mean, 1 & 2 are “normal, traditional” and get the job done. But Pixar did it again with even the short in the beginning in the 3D format. Seriously felt like I could touch each and every toy in the box.

We get some new characters this time around (Ken and Barbie are obviously the fan favorites and rightfully so. I saw my perils of relationships plastered in all of their interactions) and have our usual gang of Andy’s toys. The premise of the movie is Andy is going to college, so he has to clean his room and put things in the attic. Like a true 17-year-old boy, he grabs a trash bag and puts the toys in, sets in the floor and plans on putting it in the attic eventually. Well, like a true Mom, she finds the bag and puts it on the curb. The toys see what’s about to go down, get out and jump in the box labeled “Sunnyside” for the daycare. Another adventure begins for Woody and the gang.

Woody takes on the persona of Andy throughout the movie. Andy chose Woody to accompany him to college (much like my Mookie bear), but Andy couldn’t part with the rest of the guys. You see him figuring out ways to get the gang back together again and into the hands of deserving and worthy children.

I won’t write too much more in fear of ruining anything, but every single character was fantastic. Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head provided a few giggles from myself (her roaming around with one eye throughout the movie is hilarious), Buzz Lightyear, while not a favorite in past, really stepped up his game and became quite caliente and of course, Ken and Barbie were just phenomenal together.

Got a little teary-eyed in the end with Andy’s last hurrah with the toys, which led me wondering what’s going on with all my old ones from yester years. This movie is one everyone can enjoy and cherish together as we’ve all been there, cleaning out the toy chest and saying goodbye to being kids.