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Got to Get Together


In high school, and college, I was a major Dave Matthews Band fan. But since I left college, I haven’t had the urge to see a Dave show. But this morning, I couldn’t help but watch his latest music video for “Mercy.”

And I’m back on the wagon.

From over 14,000 video submissions, the band released the music video for “Mercy.” It’s amazing, inspiring and so simple. Mumford & Sons did something similar encouraging fans making the pilgrimage to Red Rocks to capture their adventure to create the music video for “I Will Wait.” I’ve seen crowd-sourced materials in way of advertising, but seeing bands and music use this method is truly fantastic. Seeing Dave’s video only makes me more excited for Mumford’s to drop.

via Pop Candy

Charged for Travel


It’s no surprise that I’m a sucker for just pure inspiration. Came upon this latest one from USATODAY about “Around the World in One Charge.” Yes, it’s an ad for a processor in a cell phone, but it’s by far one that proves its point, and worth, in just two minutes.

The phone ships off to various places in the world over two weeks and during travel, the phone powers off.