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Intense Sunday Nights


I have a select number of shows I simply cannot miss. But for the most part, I’m a-okay falling behind a few weeks and catching up on a cold, rainy Saturday/Sunday. Homeland is not one of them. If I miss it on a Sunday, I feel like I’m missing the most important news in the world.

If you haven’t heard of Homeland or watched it, it’s time. This show brings an intensity to Sunday nights you never knew you needed. I get so sucked into the plot lines and characters that I really think Abu Nazir is a terrorist out there and we’re trying to catch him. The minute you think you have the show figured out, you realize you don’t. The show continues to surprise and delight, even on its less thrilling episodes (note: that is practically an oxymoron).

But it’s not just the watching of the show I enjoy. Over on Grantland, Andy Greenwald writes thrilling recaps and analyses after every episode. It’s the highlight of my Monday to read and then discuss with BLB over afternoon coffee. As the second season wraps in 3 weeks, this Christmas/Winter season is the perfect time to catch up on the series. You must start from the beginning and I can assure you, when you have all the episodes at your disposal, it will be hard to walk away.

It’s television like this that makes me so happy and grateful there are Americans out there who could careless about the latest Real Housewives or MTV reality show. People appreciate the detailed, dramatic script peppered with some lightheartedness. And I for one, cannot get enough.

Dude is craaaaazy


Growing up without cable, I naturally didn’t develop many television viewing habits other than Arthur and TGIF nights. Upon entering college, I finally entered the world of cable, but found the overwhelming number of channels a huge turn off. Plus, I missed the boat on Real World, Southpark, Daria, etc. What I didn’t miss the boat on? Reality television. Guilty pleasure all the way.

After watching a few seasons of The Bachelor, I realized The Bachelorette is really where the hilarity is. Not sure if you’ve watched this season’s with ex-cast off Ali, but boy is it a doozy. Guys fighting for a girl are more candid and hilarious. Where the girls fighting for a guy are just loony tunes. There’s like 4 guys who are just fantastic this season (Chris L., Kirk, Frank and Roberto) and then there’s crazy man Kasey. Here’s why he’s insane:

1) His “guard and protect your heart” line is just wearing thin. At this point, should anyone ever say something like this to me, I will punch him in the face and tell him to grow a pair. Tattoos it on his wrist like a creeper? I will run. This isn’t the Marines, there’s nothing to guard and protect.

2) The way he says Ali is annoying as all get out. Kind of like how Eric from elementary school used to say Mal’s name “Mawl-ory.” Like say the name properly. Drives me up the wall.

3) Speak up. No one likes a mumbler. ABC please put subtitles on this guy when he’s speaking.

But thank you Kasey for your krazy antics, as it has known brought fantastic discussions with the roommate such as: what to do when I guy who has known you for the past few weeks get inked and what it means when a guy just cannot get along with another one of his kind.

So men of Chicago (and from afar seeing as I love me some accents), speak clearly and properly, be friends with my boys (or pretend to be) and don’t try to coin a phrase. And definitely, don’t tattoo yourself with it. Make it a henna. Or a ballpoint ink à la 500 Days of Summer.