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“Well I bought an Audi”


I don’t know what was my favorite moment of yesterday, so let’s just give a brief recap and then take it to the comments:

1) Augustana played for 2 hours. And they started it off with a cover of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Heaven. And their new songs are pretty stellar. (Shameless plug) Album drops in October.

2) Free drinks and food. We literally ate a piece of Shake ‘N Bake Chicken off a cucumber that rested on crushed peanuts. And the specialty cocktail was “The Regal” and it was lemonade. All great, great things.

3) River East Art Center. The venue is totally cool, modern, chic and then boom, you walk outside and you sit along the river. I really hope one of my friends has a wedding reception there. Or Buick has another launch party that I’m invited to.

4) Meeting Augustana and then a birthday serenade. After I tell him how we used to sit in the dorms listening to “Boston” on repeat when we were in fights with our boyfriends, I then follow-up with “It’s my birthday!” They chose to focus on the latter part of the information I provided.

5) Text from Papa Wern at 11:59 pm: “Happy Birthday to my bonus daughter!” If I had the capability to cry, I probably would have.

6) Zac’s computer bag. He came straight from work and had to carry it around all night. The only other people at the party who had bags had book bags and were over the age of 50. I enjoyed pointing this out throughout the evening.

7) Birthday mural on the wall from the Roomie. She’s too fantastic for words.

In a nutshell, the last night of the 24th year couldn’t have been any better. And clearly 25 is about to become one stellar year. Per Kelly’s suggestion, I made my things to do in the 25th year. Think it will help shave off that quarter-life crisis.

Note: When I informed Zac that I now will have a quarter-life crisis he responded with, “Well, I bought an Audi to stay young.”