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Driving Away the Worries


It was above 60ºF. It was a Monday. The motto was: just make contact.

The roommate and I took advantage of a twilight session at the driving range last night. Despite living within one block from this place, I had yet to head over there. We could find no excuse not to go after a hard day at the office and beautiful evening weather.

The last time I picked up clubs was a few years ago when Mom, Grandpa and I were together. Despite the fact Grammy and Grandpa gave me golf lessons (either for my 13th or 16th birthday), I still have much to improve in the way of my game.

Needless to say a tradition is set. Though today it’s 30ºF, so we may have to wait a bit for our next venture.

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The Absolute Most Wonderful Time of the Year


It’s that blessed time of year: Restaurant Week; the perfect excuse to grab some friends and head out to uncharted lands that you’ve dared to explore.

Especially in the winter, you can find yourself stuck in a rut for our dining habits. Mainly because it’s close, it’s convenient and you already know what you’ll order. Which is why I welcome Restaurant week with open arms. With prix fixe menus, you have a few options with the certainty these are delightful offerings.

This blessed union of food, wine, friends and laughter cannot happen during a better time, the wretched month of February. I’m convinced February is the shortest month because it’s the most terrible in Chicago. It’s like the calendar fates knew we can barely handle another day (except that every four years thing).

This year’s restaurant week is pretty stellar and I found myself picking places not based off of their menus, but ones that still had reservations. Heading to RPM Italian (Herb Roasted Chicken and Polenta, I’m coming for you) tonight, Townhouse Chicago tomorrow and rounding out the week with a roommate date night at Taverna 750 (Italian tapas?!). Let’s hope I don’t have too much idle time at work otherwise, I see a few more stops in my future.

Most cities across the nation have restaurant week, so be sure to find out when can declare a spot at the table.

My exact emotions on Restaurant Week:

Calling an Editor


I get that not everything in life is perfect and that people are bound to make mistakes. But how do you make a mistake in just a sentence? This McDonald’s ad from I Believe in Advertising infuriates me to no end. And here’s why:

1) McDonald’s is a single entity. Like one. So the verb of “aren’t” should be the singular “is.”

2) Since the ad uses McDonald’s as a plural noun, then roommate needs to be plural as well. They imply there are multiple “mcdonald’s”, yet this collection seems to only make one roommate.

Thankfully, they followed up with these fantastic ads from Coke. And yes, fully aware I am a nerd. I fly that flag high as I sit here with my glasses and stripped Grandpa sweater.