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The Art of Storytelling


Ira Glass tells us all to just keep on keepin’ on.

“The work you’re making will be as good as your ambitions.” via Brain Pickings


Sharing Is Caring


Maggie and I spend a lot of our time detailing humorous things our Moms say. And most of this advice, aside from funny, is shockingly true, like our Moms are Buddha-esque genies ensuring we don’t make too many mistakes along the way of growing up.

We decided to share the wealth of our Moms and launched “Pearls for Our Girls,” a site detailing the random bits and pieces from our Moms. We’ll also pool friends for great advice their Moms pass on too, ensuring no pearl goes undiscovered (see what I did there?).

Hanna [Non]Tana will still post, and I promise with more frequency. Should you feel the Magic 8 ball doesn’t have the answer for your burning question/latest endeavor, I’m sure our Moms will.