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What’s truly scary on Halloween Night


I’ve always loved Halloween, despite the fact I recycled the same clown costume for what seemed like a decade. It was always one of my favorite days seeing as you get to become a completely different person. And I’m pretty sure me and Mal tricked and treated well into high school. It was after all, the night Mal’s dad Tom would create his delicious ribs to fill our tummies before we ventured out and made our way across three neighborhoods.

But things have changed.

According an e-blast from the New Business Team at Marketing Werks, adults will spend over $70 on a costume. No wonder Mom always wanted to recycle our gear. And adult spending (what we now are folks) on Halloween has made this the biggest non-gift giving holiday in the country.

Since we have yet to commence our work fright fest, I can’t give up my costume, but I can definitely say I can see how the cost can button up to the tune of $70+. With accessories and make up, not to mention tickets for parties, it’s tough to be a guy or ghoul in a big city.


You'll have a lot of workin' in the lab, late one night nights to pay for your Halloween festivities