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Surprises Underground and on the Platform


After a long day at the office, Jill and I made our way to the train platform to do some holiday shopping.

We weren’t in the best of spirits. And then BOOM.


The Holiday Express appeared! In years past, I’ve seen the train and even been on the platform with the train going the other way. This time though, Santa knew we needed some Holiday Cheer.

Inside the train, the seats are covered with holiday graphics, elf window clings to truly “Elf Yourself,” ads replaced with Holiday-themes and the best part (aside from actual elves and the holiday music and candy canes to eat)…HOLIDAY JOKES. I’m still reeling from this experience it was just what we needed. And quite the surprise to hear come billowing through the tunnels.

Proof this train packs quite the glee-infused moment:



Jill's still smiling today.

Jill’s still smiling today.


Dancing in the Dark


Last week had been a busy one at the office. And I was quickly losing steam. This past Friday, I found myself at the office late, again, and just thinking of how great it was going to be to get home, throw on sweats and completely veg out for the entire weekend.

“So, I just got Bruce tickets tonight at Wrigley. We should probably go,” said Dan, the Client Service dude working late with me.

We left everything at the office, grabbed a cab and walked into Wrigley Field just as Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band took the stage. It was an unbelievable night. I cried, danced, I shouted, I sang at the top of my lungs. And the coolest part? Looking out among the crowd and seeing the range of demographic. I cannot remember the last time I was squashed among such a range of ages.

It was just what I needed after a crazy a work week. And it just went to show me, you can lean on those in the office you never imagined. Because we’ve all been there. And we’re all going to be there again. It made me realize that work isn’t the end-all-be-all and letting it effect me so much hasn’t been good for anyone. Thanks to Friday, and Bruce, I was able to step back and see, life can still surprise you just when you need it most.

Bruce still has it. Which is no shock. Because to quote Mom, “He’s the Boss!”