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Wind’s in the East


Aside from her hair texture, her wit and her cheekbones, Mom passed something else down to me. The love of Mary Poppins. It’s one I wear proudly (see Halloween Costume) and have written a ton about. Naturally, I couldn’t put in a few words on the latest Mary Poppins hoopla with Saving Mr. Banks.

1) I had no idea they were making this movie.
2) I had no idea this story existed (the book rights story).
3) I don’t think I can wait until Christmas.
4) The movie poster is genius.
5) This cast!

Just watch, enjoy and get ready for that mist to come in…


Fantastic Find: Old CDs


While back home in the STL for break, I went through all of my CDs and started uploading them to iTunes. And I found a gem. And now I’ve got the Wonders to sing me through my morning proposal writing. If only I had this on DVD…