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That Daring Young Gal on the Flying Trapeze


Two weeks ago, Groupon in Chicago offered a 2-hour class with the Trapeze School of New York. After watching Carrie Bradshaw take the plunge years ago in Sex & the City, I knew I had to do the class. After a few girls at Werk decided to buy, I knew it was time for myself to step up to the bar and fly.

We went this past weekend and let me just say, that sure is a hell of a lot harder than it looks. I only managed to get my knees up to the bar once as I continued to lead with my right leg up to the bar and forget about my left.

As I was the only one in the class who couldn’t seem to manage the knees to the bar move, I perfected the art of backflipping, landing in the net and climbing out. And I made sure to crack jokes about my poor form.

All in all, the class was fantastic and the instructors were people you wanted to befriend. I’ll definitely go again once my body forgives me for subjecting it to that. From the hips up, I’m hurting today, but no pain, no gain right?

I flew through the air, but not with the greatest of ease.

Clearly I wasn’t made for the circus. But thankfully, I too have a great safety net.

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