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Quickie: Mumford and Sons


For those new to the game, I’ve been obsessed with Mumford & Sons since The Frisky pointed me in their direction on a “Tuesday Tunes.” So after patiently awaiting their North American tour, I snatched up tickets for the roomie and I. Alas, she had to work, so I went with an old school friend from STL and we had a stellar, stellar time. We’re the two whitest people standing in awe in the front row barely moving.

Due to my tweets, one Katie Moulton learned of the band and got the assignment to review them for their STL show. Her review is superb, top-notch, brilliant! Loved these lads way too much.

Tan’s take on my favorite song, Sigh No More:

“The song acts like a tornado – smearing in slow rhythm across the horizon, then bursting into crashing frenzies of banjo, guitar, piano, cymbals, drums – touching down then lifting for a menacing moment of calm.”

Spot on! Read the rest of Katie’s review (and sulk that you missed this show): http://tinyurl.com/2b2vkg2