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Fill the Silence


I’ve noticed dinner parties/rooftop gatherings/patio meet-ups are quickly becoming more favorable than heading to nights out at bars for drinks and cocktails among friends. So naturally, we have to be nearing adulthood right?? Adulthood or not, I will say the conversation topics have shifted. Talk that surrounding pop culture and trips of nostalgia, has now become “Guess what I learned this week?” and “You’ll never believe this, but …” Maybe chalk it up to Buzzfeed with the endless lists of things you never knew about your favorite films, bands, TV shows, etc. Whatever it is, I walk away from these nights with new facts for trivia nights, perfect since that season is right around the corner.

During my daily blog run down, I came across Fill the Silence. It’s a fun Tumblr with random facts sure to spice up conversation at the next dinner table. There are only a few pages, so feel free to go back through the archives, you won’t get lost in a never-ending hole for the next 2 hours (like most Tumblrs). Two of my favorite findings below from the site.



Via A Cup of Jo

Tumbling With Truth


It seems the latest rage at the moment is Tumblrs with GIFs that “define” a moment. I won’t lie, I’m addicted. From the #whatshouldwecallme and #soyeahduh to My Life Through Kristen Wiig, I cannot get enough.

But there’s one that just speaks to me on a whole new level: This Advertising Life. I continually find myself going umm yup, totally and complete and utter truth.

Today’s was just so spot on:

every small victory against the client


Anyone out there have any go to Tumblr’s to pick them up throughout the day?


Quickie: O’Irish it would finally happen


And it has!

When I first discussed writing a blog (back when I got laid off in April), I came up with this great idea of a theme surrounding wishes. Since I love Ireland (and all things Irish), after a night out with Molly and her sister, we decided O’Irish… would be the perfect name.

Finally, after four months, the site lives! Decided to do it on Tumblr, so it’s a bit easier to follow.

The premise: each day, I will write on something that I wish (to the tune of Oscar Mayer…O-Irish..). Some of it will be serious things (like World Peace and what not) and others will be serious wishes that need to come true (first post on firehouses). Feel free to offer up suggestions. With my random imagination, this should just be all kinds of fun.