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A Night for the Books


Thanks to USATODAY, I finally learned there is a night out there just for me, and fellow readers. World Book Night (April 23, 2013) hands out books, spanning 30 titles, worldwide. You can apply to be a book giver, where you’ll receive 20 books to hand out around town.

The goal of the night, and organization, is to spread the love of reading. To find those non-readers or light readers and remind them of how good life is with a book in your hand. Next year’s list of books to hand out is quite impressive.

I’ve applied, and you can too here. Fingers crossed I’m chosen for such an exciting night.

Charged for Travel


It’s no surprise that I’m a sucker for just pure inspiration. Came upon this latest one from USATODAY about “Around the World in One Charge.” Yes, it’s an ad for a processor in a cell phone, but it’s by far one that proves its point, and worth, in just two minutes.

The phone ships off to various places in the world over two weeks and during travel, the phone powers off.