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A Flowering Friday


After quite the week, it’s finally here. Tonight, dinner with some gals at the fantastic Flower Flat Café. We went there on a whim a few months ago and it is quite possibly the city’s undiscovered greatness. Brought Mom there when she was in town  in December and it continued to deliver.

The café features a prix fixed menu, BYOB and homemade greatness on Friday nights. It’s hard not to feel like you’re transported to the streets of France. It’s a tight squeeze with few tables, so reservations are a must. I love the decór of the place as it’s extremely eclectic with a ton of chic. You just feel at ease.

Which is why it’s the perfect spot to share a (few) bottle(s) of red. And Betsy there is this city’s Mom-away-from-Mom cook. She simply does not disappoint!


Riot in the Great Hall


Last week, I won tickets (thanks to CitySwarm!) to WineRiot–a wine tasting event at Union Station‘s Great Hall from Second Glass. Naturally, I turned to my partner-in-crime/fellow wino to accompany me to the shindig.

It. was. amazing. And we definitely were blown away. With a $50 price tag, it’s definitely something I would have done without winning tickets (just didn’t know it happened here!). There are three more shows this year (San Fran, NYC, LA) and if you’re in the area(s), I highly recommend grabbing a gal pal and heading over there. If not for the endless wine tasting, for the photobooth. Because really, who doesn’t love a good photobooth?

There also was a wine group there called Diving Rod. And they talked about water witches and having “the power” to find water sources. Naturally, we could not pass up an opportunity to see if we were witches. All you had to do was take the rods, chant “Show me the water source, show me the water source” and move towards the water bottle. If the rods crossed, you have the power and are a water witch. Guess how this ended for me:

See you soon Hogwarts

The Return of the Rock


After a long hiatus (but not nearly as long as Mad Men‘s), 30 Rock graced the screen again. Amanda and I ordered takeout, uncorked some wine and enjoyed seeing Liz, Jack, Tracy, Jenna and Kenneth all together again. There’s just something about a comedy that you can comfortably watch with your parents, friends, partners, bosses, etc. The writing is just fantastic and it’s a show I’ve never been disappointed with, especially with all of the guest stars that just happen to swing by.

While watching, my friend LeBaron texted me saying “Um. The day is almost coming when I may think about comparing you to Liz Lemon…” It’s an honor many people have told me. Mainly because we both wear glasses, are funny, witty, completely comfortable with ourselves, have just bizarre dating stories and dance to our own beats. But as LeBaron pointed out, these aren’t the things that sealed the deal for him. “The dancing and spraining the ankle did something to contribute. And the joint pain medication.”

Could this be the season Liz finds love while dealing with arthritic joints?