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Heading North


It has been a crazy, hectic week. And I for one, cannot wait for the weekend.

My friend Emily must have known all of us would need a break when she asked us a month ago if we’d want to head up to Green Lake, Wisconsin for a weekend trapped in a lakehouse.

This will mark my first journey north of Chicago. Despite living here for nearly 4 years now (whaaaat??), I’ve never gone north…of Evanston. Which is really not all that far north of the city. I’m so looking forward to a weekend with some friends, movies, pajamas and books. Along with Wisconsin’s beer and cheese curds. And obviously stars…I live for moments when I can just hang out with my head in the sky.

We’re driving up after work, so hello sing alongs to mixed CDs while we sit in inevitable traffic.

Making Something of Nothing


Thanks to a new friend made at the Wisconsin/NIU game at Soldier Field a few weeks ago, I came across this fantastic video. This trio sits around and go through the decades of music where they “sing” non-lyrics. It’s pretty fantastic and a few are sure to stick in your mind.