Reasons why I am not Hannah Montana (and instead, Hanna [Non]Tana):
1.) I am not idolize by teenage boys and girls (to my knowledge).
2.) I am not a palindrome.
3.) I have never stepped foot in Montana.
4.) I am quite pale. “Hanna not-tan-a”

By day, I’m a copywriter. Besides wearing ironic t-shirts, breaking out into song/accents in everyday conversation, skipping for no reason and wearing glasses, another stereotype of my job is writing a blog. Just adhering to the standards out there.

When I’m not blogging I’m: reading, daydreaming on public transit, wandering this fair and fine city called Chicago,  in a movie theatre and/or volunteering.

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  1. Hey Hanna, I work across the street at the Cultural Center. Let’s do lunch sometime this week. Always like connecting with fellow KU grads. Let me know!!!

    • Thanks John and change is made! Just copied the info from I Believe in Advertising. Just goes to show you, you can’t believe everything on the internet.

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